Who Is Dr “V”?

Meet DR. “V”

Dr. Vinnie Monaco -DR. “V” – is a Peak-Performance Practitioner, Chiropractor and Aliveness Coach, who created his own methodology to fine tune the mental, emotional and physical systems of the individuals he works with around the globe. His studies of key disciplines over several decades have helped him to develop wellness practices across the US and Australia. Integrating his own healing experiences through childhood illnesses and trauma combined with helping his patients and clients heal through their own mental, emotional and physical health challenges over the past 34 years, have assisted him in developing his Peak Performance Wellness program.

DR. “V” utilizes his unique approach of Gentle, Light-Touch Chiropractic, Coaching and Humor, to assist each client in reconnecting to their natural state of ease, allowing their body, mind and nervous system to reset, recover and reorganize to a new level of peak performance and aliveness.

Who Am I?

  • Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)
  • Peak Performance Practitioner
  • Aliveness Coach
  • Healing thru Humor Specialist


  • Doctor of Chiropractic DC New York Chiropractic College (N.Y.C.C. USA)
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology BA with a minor in Communications from S.C.S.C. (Southern Connecticut State College)
  • Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Chiropractor- Level III Certified (Highest Level)
  • Technique Directory: Network Chiropractic, Network Spinal Analysis, Adjusting, Soft-tissue, Cranio-therapy, Blood Evaluation, Kinesiology, Magnetic Therapy, X-ray, Nutrition, Energy Healing and Communication.
  • Basic and Advanced Certificates in Neuro-linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) from Robbins Research International
  • Leadership Training majoring in Relationships, Human Dynamics and People Reading with Sage University
  • Comedy and Improvisation training at Manhattan’s Punchline and Stand-Up New York Comedy Clubs.

Some  Achievements

  • Robbins Research International New York Event support team
  • Tony Robbins Personal Support Staff Doctor
  • International Teaching and Facilitating Staff, Wiseworld Seminars Global Events Programs
  • MC for Network Chiropractic Transformational Gates (Healing Events)

 Enterprise History

  • 34 Years Director and Owner of Chiropractic Wellness Centers in the U.S.A and Australia.