Back To Ease

BACK TO EASE – Chiropractic – Bodywork:

When our body is in its normal state of ease, we can meet any demand or challenge consistently and efficiently.

Too much stress or duress, causes our body to twist, tighten and tense up in order to protect and defend itself from whatever is creating the over-whelm. This is known as the fight/ flight/ freeze physiology. Usually removing ourselves from the stressful situation and getting enough rest will give our body a chance to recover and reset itself. The problem is, we often don’t have the time, the space or the luxury to allow for this to happen. As the tension and defensive patterns continue to build and accumulate, the whole system, which can no longer handle that high stress state and function properly, crashes, resulting in symptoms, ailments or disease processes.

 By receiving “Back to Ease” entrainments, (a series of precise gentle contacts to specific access points on the spine), the entire body can begin unwinding itself and releasing the built-up tension and return to its normal state of ease.

Working with Dr. “V” provides your body with the opportunity to reduce the tension, recover and reset itself back to its natural state of ease.

 Your body can better handle any stress, challenge or demand that life brings to you. With ongoing sessions your body/ mind will re-organize itself to higher and more efficient levels of function and be able to perform at new peak levels more consistently and effortlessly.