What’s Your Game?

Child with Spaghetti on head

Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.
One of my Mentors stated “Life is a Game.” It took me a while to grab that concept. But as I pondered it, looked around and let Shakespeare’s words take center stage in my mind I realized they are both accurate. 

We indeed play different characters as we journey through life, Infant, Toddler, Adolescent, Adult and as those characters we do play many different games. As a matter of fact as a child we not only get introduced to a variety of different games but we make up heaps of them as well. Our consistent barometer as to whether to engage in a game or not was the Fun Factor. If it was Fun we did it, if it wasn’t we didn’t, plain and simple. But of course over time and through education we learned to play a different game. We needed to become serious and take life, our education and ourselves seriously. Hmmm not much Fun in that. Yet, it’s something every person on the planet has gone through.


But deep within us was that constant yearning to have Fun, to Play and Enjoy this thing called Life. Over time we learn many different strategies to try and break free of the suppression of our Fun Loving Spirit and our sense for Adventure. The fight to maintain our sense of self our sense of individuality and maintain our own dignity. To fulfill our Desires, to make our Mark, to Receive Recognition, Appreciation and Love from our Family, Friends and Admirers. These are all noble and worthwhile desires and they make up a part of what we call human nature. The downside is that we may unconsciously or consciously play games that may create short term gain but can create long term pain and suffering. 

WC Fields

We may be told in relationships that we’re Playing Games and the truth is, we are always playing a game, even saying we’re not playing a game is a game. I was a master at playing the sickness game. As a kid I saw that when I was sick I got lots of Love and Attention and I got to stay home from school. As I got older I moved into the Drama game and later on into the Depression game. I witness lots of old people turn the sickness game to a competition sport to see who’s suffering the most, who’s on the most medications or who has had the most operations. When you can see the funny side of it, it’s quite entertaining.  

Elvis 2

One step for all of us is to watch and catch ourselves when we play these short term gain games, make light of them and have a Laugh about it. There are hundreds of examples of our human brothers and sisters who have managed to flip their upbringings no matter how tough or traumatic and yet find that spark of their Inner Spirit and leave their mark on the world. If you read enough biographies you see that eventually everyone of them made a decision to take a different path. Others may have said that they were out of their minds but our heroes and heroines weren’t listening. They decided to follow their own Curiosity, their own Light and their own Aliveness. The end result was they received fame, fortune and glory. Their persistent willingness to follow their hearts desire transformed them from an ordinary person into greatness. And each of them in their own humble way has stated; “I’m just doing my thing.”  


What games have you been playing? Have they been short term gain games? Are you having Fun playing them? Are you making a living with them? If not, that’s okay, you’re human?

So, What game would you really Love to Play? What Game would allow you to Really Do YOUR Thing? Not sure? We.d Love to help. E-mail us at: info@drvinniemonaco.com or call 0431-281-797. We look forward to assisting You.

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