“S T R E S S”

Did you know that at the start of the 20th Century the word stress was never used in the way it is today?  It wasn’t until 1926 when Hans Selye described it in terms related to our biology/physiology.  Selye was the first to categorize and defined stress as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand placed upon it”.

In 2011 neuroscientists described stress “as conditions where an environmental demand exceeds the natural regulatory capacity of an organism”.

What all the scientific mumbo-jumbo boils down to is that when our body/mind can’t meet the demand/challenges in our life then we feel overwhelmed.  As a result our body tenses up and we go into fight/ flight mode.  All living creatures will go into this mode automatically when they sense danger.  It’s a normal survival pattern.  The problem is in our modern high-tech fast paced lifestyles we can get stuck in this stress pattern.  When that happens our thinking capacity (memory) shuts down along with our digestion, anxieties run high and patience runs low, our capacity to love shuts down along with our ability to fully rest, reset and recover.

What to do?  If you’re in town, come down and see us at the clinic, get on a table and let’s assist your body in calming down and resetting itself.  If you’re not in town, then take some time out or time off from your activities.  Find a quiet spot, sit down and gently breathe in fully and then slowly exhale letting go of whatever is stressing you. Or you could watch a YouTube comedy clip or something to make you laugh and temporarily forget about your challenges.  If that doesn’t work perhaps a long walk out in nature.  Nature has an amazing way of helping us reset. And who knows, if you walk far enough away your problems might not be able to find you.

Would you like some assistance in helping Your Body Un-Wind and Reset or Awakening your Greatness and Laughing at your challenges? Then e-mail us at: info@drvinniemonaco.com or call 0431-281-797. We look forward to assisting You.

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