Body Alive

Your Body is the Playground of your physical experience. When it is at Ease and is Flexible and Adaptable You Radiate Health and Aliveness. Life is Fun and Flows to You and Through You, Effortlessly bringing Opportunities that Fulfill Your Deepest Desires.

However, when You’re Stressed, Anxious and Worried, Your Body becomes a Battlefield, Tightening, Tensing and Twisting, Choking off Your Aliveness, Diminishing Your Health and Decreasing Your Wellbeing. Life becomes a Struggle where the Burdens, Pressures and Expectations wear You Down, Aging You Faster and making You Cranky and Miserable.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. You can Shift it right Now! It’s Easy.

By having BODY ALIVE Skype sessions with Dr Vinnie Monaco Your whole Body and Mind starts to Unwind, Relax and Reset back to Its Natural State of Ease. You’ll Look Younger, Feel More Alive and Have More Energy. You’ll Have More Fun and Enjoyment as your body and mind become more flexible and adaptable and you’re better able to handle any challenge that comes your way.

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