CHI, You’re Amazing!

Today was a GREAT DAY! What made it a Great Day was what I did and who I met. I attended my third Tai Chi class on the beautiful Burleigh Heads Beach this morning. It was a gorgeous morning, sunny, warm with just a slight sea breeze. I hadn’t attended a Tai Chi class in over 20 years, so needless to say that I was out of practice (it’s definitely not like riding a bike.)It’s fascinating when learning (in this case re-learning) a new skill, how the mind tries to grasp all the nuances, the stance, the footwork, the balance, the breathing, the hand and arm positioning, the movement, the flow, the coordination or lack thereof. As frustrating as I felt at times (I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and want to get it right the first time……anyone else like that?) I did enjoy participating in the class. I was moving my body in slow, methodical and purposeful ways and as the class progressed I started to let go and relax around trying to get it right and just enjoyed the movement and flow of the Chi. It was blissful. It is actually how life is. When we let go and relax it just unfolds in its own way, no agenda just unveiling and revealing its hidden treasures.

It’s been said that when we are in the flow with the Chi, Life becomes serendipitous. When we are not in the flow with the Chi, Life becomes a struggle.

After class I went to my car to retrieve my wallet to pay for the class. I was approached by an older gentleman who asked about my car and how long I had owned it. I drive a 24 year old Mercedes E 300. It turns out he drives a 40 year old Mercedes S Class both are silver. After building rapport comparing what we loved about the cars, what we didn’t, and how they don’t make them the way they did in the old days. I got to know the man behind the old Mercedes.

I love people and find them fascinating and when they share their story I get really curious because it allows us to connect at a deeper level.

It turns out Rad is 86 years young. He was the top salesman in Australia for 30 years selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners in Tasmania. He had lived through WWII and had escaped from communist occupied Czechoslovakia at age 21 and moved to Australia to be a free man. He shared his beliefs and attitudes that made him the top salesman and gave him the vibrant health he has today. He’s more vibrant than some 40 year old’s I know. He said everything comes from the mind. What we think, what we say becomes our reality. If we think correctly, if we take care of our body, feed it properly, move it regularly and speak well of ourselves we can have health and wealth. What he spoke about I already knew and have educated my patients about for nearly 30 years. What was inspiring was He Is LIVING IT! And he has the Vibrancy and Aliveness to prove it.

The wisdom and experience he shared with me in the short 15 minutes we spoke was worth more than a high end weekend seminar. I walked away from that conversation a lot lighter, more confident and happier. He made my day and made me realize what Wil Rogers once said, “People are about as happy as they make their minds to be.”

The rest of my day was spent meeting with several different people and with each meeting, we all left in a lighter and brighter space than we had arrived.

Tai Chi with Sun (1)

Rad is my new hero. He epitomizes the statement “we may age but we don’t have to get old.” Plus you never know when you meet a stranger what amazing gifts they can share with you.

So go out and meet someone new. Share your stories. See how light you can make each other. Who knows what could happen? You might even have Fun.

Would you like to know how you can get more Chi flowing in your life? Then e-mail us at: or call 0431-281-797. We look forward to assisting You.

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