What is HEALTH?

Earlier today I was asked, “What is Health?” That’s a great question. Everyone has an idea of what health is based upon their own beliefs and observations. Look around, we are all expressing varying degrees of health. Consequently, if you go to a funeral and it’s an open casket and you look at the person lying in there. I would say that that person’s not very healthy. Would you agree? Its common sense, right? How could you be healthy if you’re not Alive?

So, what is Health? When I was in Chiropractic College over 30 years ago one dictionary described health as a “Condition of wholeness, where 100% of the organs and organ systems are functioning at 100%.” The WHO ( the World Health Organization not the Rock Group) describes health as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” (Although Pete Townshend might describe health as doing a night of intense substances and not waking up dead!)
What’s fascinating is that we’ve been socialized and educated from a medical perspective that states when you have symptoms you’re sick and when you don’t have symptoms you’re healthy which contradicts what the World Health Organization defined as health. You could be really healthy and have symptoms or be really unhealthy and have no symptoms. We’ve all either known or heard of someone who was “Never Sick a Day in His Life”, passes his physical examination gets a clean bill of health from his doctor and then several hours later drops dead from a heart attack. That’s not healthy. A healthy fully functioning body won’t just keel over. Unfortunately the medical model tends to focus mainly on the physical signs and symptoms. Again, this is important and needs to be acknowledged but it’s only part of the picture.

Whenever I work with a client I like to look at what’s behind the physical. What’s going on in a person’s life; Emotionally, Mentally, Chemically, Spiritually, Financially as well as Physically? I ask them How Happy are You?….They’re not here now so I’ll ask you. How Happy are You? How Happy are You at Work? At Home? At Play? Do You Play? Do You Remember How? How much Joy is there in Your Life? How Much Fun? Do You Have Joy and Fun Doing all the things you do every day? Yes?….No?…..Maybe?….What was the question?….I don’t have time for that!……Can I buy a vowel?
We adults are funny. We’re always trying to “get something” out there or in here. Something More, Better or Different. That’s okay. Who doesn’t want More or Better or Different? The challenge is that we tend to take things so seriously that we end up hurting ourselves or others and making ourselves sick in the process. We’ve all done it. And we’ll probably continue to do it until we don’t. It’s part of the learning process of being human. Do you know how to tell when you’re taking yourself too seriously? You’re not having Fun. You’re not smiling. You’re not breathing freely and easily and the energy around you becomes really heavy. If you’re even slightly aware you’ll see people running away from you like a bunch of Japanese actors in an old Godzilla flick……….Oopsies!
Have you ever watched children? Watch them (just don’t wear a trench coat and drive in a van, it could send the wrong message.) But seriously (oh no, not that!) Who’s happier? Children or Adults? Who’s having more Fun? Children are always at Play. It’s what they “Do” for a Living. And they’re Joyful, Light and have boundless energy. All that increases Health. Our Natural state is Being Healthy. It’s not something to get. I know when it’s not there we’ll do anything to get it back. I hear you and I’ve been there too.


What I’ve observed over my 30 year career as a Chiropractor/Healer/Comedian/Coach is that when we’re doing what we Love and Enjoy we become Light and Playful and Our Health returns at Warp Speed. When we’re constantly stressed, pressured and overwhelmed our health dwindles and we age at an ever increasing pace.
So, do you want to Get and Stay Healthy? Look Younger? Feel Vibrant and Full of Aliveness? What do you Enjoy? What Lights you up? What is that when you do it your face glows and your eyes twinkle? What is it, that if your Mom knew you were doing it she’d turn over in her grave (if she’s dead) if she’s alive, she’d gasp and immediately book you on Dr Phil?

What is it that truly Makes You Feel ALIVE!?


Would You like to discover more of what makes you feel Alive? Then e-mail us at: info@drvinniemonaco.com or call 0431-281-797. We look forward to assisting You.

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