The Sports of Life

The World of Sports is fascinating. Every sport has its own niche whether it be Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Racing etc. And each sport also has its own rules. Now some folks don’t like rules. “Oh no, we don’t like anyone telling us what to do!”  But in sports the rules provide the structure that makes the game Fun. Could you imagine playing soccer with a bowling ball? (Podiatrists could cash in.) Or playing golf wearing boxing gloves? That would be ridiculous. It would make one hell of a comedy sketch but wouldn’t draw serious fans. The rules also set up the objectives of how to keep score. In soccer or hockey we all know 1 goal gives you a score of 1. In American Football  (Gridiron) 1 goal is 6 points. In Basketball it’s a bit more complicated. In Tennis, forget about it. If you don’t score on the court it’s called “Love” but if you score off the court that’s also called “Love”. Interesting.

And of course along with the rules come the referees or umpires (the sports police) to make sure you’re following the rules.


What’s great about sports is the choices. You have Team sports like Soccer or Basketball and Individual sports like Tennis and Golf. Then there’s the different levels of play, Amateur and Professional. Amateurs play for the Fun of it. Professionals get paid to Win. Plus within the professional realm there are different levels. The higher the skills, the better the player, the higher the salary.

Of course every sport needs a player. It’s kind of  a no brainer. Could you imagine going to a soccer match and there were no players on the field? Nothing would happen. But what if one team showed up?  Again nothing would happen. There would be no game and the Fans would be up in arms, frustrated and disappointed; “I thought there was going to be a game today!”

Now what if that was the World Cup or Super Bowl ? Whoa, then heads would roll.

So what makes the World Cup or Super Bowl so exciting?  Is it the Players?  The Teams? The Fans? The Media? The Announcers? The Food and Beverage vendors? It’s all of them coming together for An Event. Within the whole setup is something that would not exist without all those people coming together and sharing in the experience……some call it Team Spirit, some call it the Human Spirit. It doesn’t matter what we call it. The experience is a Heightened state of Excitement, Inspiration and Curiosity.  Something’s gonna happen but we don’t know what.


What would happen if you could Live your Life as if it were the World Cup or Super Bowl? What if you could Live your Life every day with that Team Spirit?

You can.

It just a matter of looking at the games you’re playing and asking some simple questions. Are they Enlivening You? Are You Having Fun? Can You make a Living with them?

Would you like to Play a Bigger Game that Fits YOU? Then e-mail us at: or call 0431-281-797. We look forward to assisting You.

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