“You Are AMAZING”!

You are Amazing! You really are. Despite of all the faults, quirks, judgments and idiosyncrasies you’ve been told or think you have, there has never been nor will there ever be another human being like you. You are one-of-a-kind. The precise integration of DNA combined with the Spirit of Life-Force has never appeared in this form as You and it never will, ever again. You are Unique!

If you look at the chain of events that were necessary for you to even be born, it becomes mind boggling. Your Mom and Dad got together and hopefully had some fun, (although now a days they have procedures that cut out the fun part). If we go back 10 generations, you will find that you have 1,024 Great(x8)-Grandparents. If you go back another 10 generations (20 generations) you end up with 1, 047,424 Great (x18) Grandparents that had to get together at the right time and in the right place for You to even be here. What are the odds that that would happen?

Next, consider that it takes around 100 to 600 million sperm for the egg to get fertilized, (yes, technically speaking, it only takes one to fertilize the egg, but to the sperm, it’s a team sport, where the sperm compete, race and egg each other on!) Again, what are the odds that the right one would get in and you’d be here? Whether you’ve been told it or not, whether you believe it or not. You are a Living Miracle and You are Amazing!

At birth, you are the purest expression of the human spirit. You are fully aware, fully alive and very curious. Then the educational process starts (from Mother, Father, Teachers and Preachers), your light started to dim, your aliveness began to drop, and your curiosity slowly waned. You learned to adapt and modify your behavior to try and fit in, (it’s all part of the enculturation process, welcome to the human experience). The paradox is no-one really fits in, but no body tells us this and so begins the downward spiral and our fall from grace.

The lower we slide, the more tense, uptight, anxious and uncertain we become. Eventually the mindset and the fearfulness take over and we become trapped in the quagmire of double binds and second guessing, unable to free ourselves. From this space we can not trust our thoughts, our feelings or our emotions. It’s as if we are caught in a cloud of doubt and any attempt to get out of it sinks us deeper into it. Yet this is where most will make rash decisions and try to force themselves to make a change, quit a job or end a relationship. It’s like the rat getting stuck on a glue trap, the more it struggles to free itself the more stuck it gets, until it can’t move, gives up and succumbs.

We cannot do it alone, (nor were we meant to). We need assistance. We need someone who can see us as we are (the good, the bad and the ugly), who sees our potential, who has our best interest at heart. Someone we can build trust with, who won’t buy our B.S.

It’s been said that to see an accurate reflection you need to still the waters. If we look back, many times when we were caught up in a crisis or drama there was at least one person who wasn’t. They remained calm and unfettered by the event that was unfolding and many times that was enough for us to snap out of the trance or mindset we were caught up in.

By coming back to calmness, the body returns to its natural state of ease, the breath becomes effortless, the mind settles and lets us go. With the right team, providing precise feedback and appreciation, you reconnect to your true spirit. Your vitality and aliveness start functioning at its peak. You become magnetic and everyone can see that, You Are Amazing!!!

We’d love to assist you in Unleashing the Amazing YOU! Would you like to Play? Email us today.

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