Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

I had the opportunity to attend a Trauma Release Exercises (TRE for short, also called Tension Release Exercises) workshop this past weekend in Brisbane. TRE was created by Dr David Berceli, from the USA and was delivered this past weekend by Richmond Heath.

What is so cool about this technology is that it’s based on how all living systems in the animal kingdom (from the single cell amoeba to an Elephant) handle an overwhelming stress or traumatic event. All living systems will shake, undulate or tremor in order to off load any unresolved tension or trauma to bring its normal functioning base line back to a state of ease/peace.

We human beings, in order to control our lives and not look bad in public have cleverly learned how to over-ride this normal physiological reset mechanism and hold onto this stored up and accumulated back log of tension and trauma much to our own detriment, which can result in decreased health and wellbeing. It is not to say that learning to control this mechanism is a bad thing but not being aware of when we’re doing it and what is triggering it takes away our choice and keeps us from living our life to its fullest potential.

I attended my first TRE seminar in Dec 2012. I enjoyed learning the exercises which were designed to fatigue specific muscle groups which would create a shake or tremor starting in the legs and eventually spreading through the rest of the body. It reminded me of my body building days when my roommates and I would go to the gym and work our legs, back and biceps for several hours and then have a tough time walking back to the car, our legs shaking, our arms sore and me barely able to push in the clutch and shift gears as I drove.

This was my third time attending. With each subsequent seminar I have a deeper awareness and a profound appreciation for this magnificent creation we call “The Body.” It is highly intelligent and I am fascinated as to how it can torque, twist, shunt and store painful and traumatic events below our conscious radar so that we may live to experience another day. What intrigues me even more is watching how a person’s body shakes, tremors and undulates as it unravels the threads of tension it has so brilliantly wound up. Our bodies are truly remarkable creations.

During the weekend I got to experience 6 tremoring sessions, each one different from the previous session and each one going deeper. After some sessions I felt an increase in tiredness (which I associated with the energy utilized to hold onto those defensive patterns of protection). After others I felt energized and capable of achieving anything. No matter what emotions or memories surfaced in association with the tremors there was always a greater sense of calm and peace in my body/mind.

This approach to health and wellness blends magnificently with the healing work we do at Natural Rhythms Chiropractic Studio. To observe the wisdom of the body in motion as it unwinds and resets itself leaves me in a state of awe and wonder.

The bottom line is when the body can reset back to its natural preset state of ease and peace it can fully heal, rest and recover and be ready to take on the next challenge that life sends our way. To find out more about TRE go to www.treaustralia.com.au.

Would You like to Experience more of the Awe and Magnificence of Your Own Body? Then e-mail us at: info@drvinniemonaco.com or call 0431-281-797. We look forward to assisting You.

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