Have you ever been told about an event that you’re mildly curious about yet something inside says you should go but then your mind kicks in and you hem and haw and you know if you don’t your mind will relentlessly drive you nuts, so you won’t be able to sleep and you’ll end up regretting not going, so you go and it turns out to be the best thing you could’ve done?

Well that happened to me last week. I love it when things like that happen because it makes me realize how limited my mind can be. Yes, there have been times when I attended an event and it didn’t turn out to be the best thing, but even in those cases I learned something or I meet someone who hds something good to share.

The event I attended was called “Live It Well”. The main theme was on “Stress”. There were two main speakers. One woman spoke on Tai Chi and Qigong and demonstrated some exercises for creating calmness. That definitely fuelled my curiosity especially since I started attending a weekly Tai Chi class on Burleigh Heads Beach. The other speaker really woke me up, he spoke about sleep (sounds like an oxymoron) Dr Reza Samvat  is one of Australia’s most sought out researchers on sleep health.  I know a bit about sleep or so I thought. In Chiropractic College we learned about the different stages the brain patterns go into during sleep. What got my attention most is when Dr Reza stated that you need more energy when you sleep than you do in the awakened state and that the reason many people can’t sleep is because they have no energy to sleep.

At first that made no logical sense. My old understanding was that sleep is how the body rests, resets and recharges its batteries. What Dr Reza informed us all was that in deep delta the body is using tremendous amounts of energy to detox, renew and repair itself and the more energy it has available the more precisely and completely it can do its job.

He likened the energy of the body to money. If you were going to do a restoration on your house you would need a certain amount of money to do the job properly especially if you want high quality, so let’s say that would require $50,000, but if you only had $5,000 you would have to cut corners drastically and the quality of the restoration process would suffer greatly. The same in the body. If the body needs 50,000 units of energy to fully detox and repair all cell damage but you only have 5,000 units available, the body is at a deficit and cannot accurately complete its tasks which result in decreased health.

In our modern stressed-out, time challenged, sleep deprived world we are not getting the quality and quantity of sleep that we require for good health. Dr Reza also stated that while in deep sleep the immune system gets stronger and in his research we learn more in sleep than when we are awake. I wish I knew that when I was in college and would pull all-nighters to pass an exam.

I remember being at a seminar where a guy was so tired he just wanted to lie down and sleep. The seminar leader said he could as long as he laid down in front of his chair so he’d still be part of the group. One of the women attending got angry with him because she thought he wasn’t paying any attention but near the end of the seminar it became clear that he had absorbed all the information even though he was asleep through most of the seminar. It was amazing.

Imagine being sent to the principal’s office for falling asleep in class and telling him/her I was just increasing my learning capacity. You do want me to get good grades don’t you?

If you’d like to learn more about Sleep, check out Dr Reza Samvat’s web site; http://www.sleep4health.com.au or buy his book; “Sleep, Health and Consciousness”. Read it in bed, it may put you to sleep.

Would You like assistance in Reconnecting to your Body’s Natural Sleep Rhythms? Then e-mail us at: info@drvinniemonaco.com or call; 0431-281-797We look forward to assisting You.

Sweet Dreams!

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